Taiwan Blue 15ml Poppers

Taiwan Blue 15ml Poppers

Taiwan Blue 15ml Poppers
Taiwan Blue 15ml Poppers
Taiwan Blue Poppers – REVIEW
Popularity 3.5 Rating
Potency 4.5 Rating
Duration 4.5 Rating
Review Rating 4.5 Rating

Taiwan Blue Poppers are said by many to be “rare” and hard to come by, but we prefer to look at them as being instead rather “unique”. They are possibly the only Asian or oriental inspired poppers around.

Taiwan Blue Poppers is actually one of the original “aroma” formulas that goes back to the good ol’ disco days. It’s been popular in the U.S. for decades. Even though it’s not really “rare” so to speak, we actually still like this one quite a lot. It has a very clean and sweet aroma to it that is unique, which is the way we like to look at it. The effects are good but not overwhelming or the strongest on the market but the plus is they last a decent amount of time, hence why they have been around a long time.

Now, a lot of guys say that this stuff is “expensive but worth it”. Well, that’s not exactly true, we sell them for a lot less than everywhere else and at a very reasonable price. And, are they worth it, yes they are for sure! They might not be as popular as some other brands, but they are unique and well worth it.

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