PWD Quick Silver Poppers – Review

PWD Quick Silver Poppers

PWD Quick Silver Poppers

Popularity 4.5 Rating
Potency 5.0 Rating
Duration 5.0 Rating
Review Rating 4.5 Rating

PWD QUICK SILVER is a multipurpose cleaner. Genuine PWD Brand original formula. Easy to handle 10ml Bottle. Power Pak Pellets (PPP) maintain exceptional purity and potency for longer periods.

Let’s start by stating this is not only a well known name in its own right but this has long been a very popular brand for PWD, not only is the packaging clear and concise but it truly is quick and hardcore which it should be with a name like that. This liquid aroma has been around for a very long time and for good reason, the product itself, is actually very good indeed.  It’s extremely potent and strong, comes on fairly quickly and lasts a very good duration.  This one does not have the headache effect of other brands can have, it is a unique blend, with Quick Silver you simply get what you would expect from such a long time reliable brand.  This one is definitely worth trying out if you haven’t done so yet. Yes it’s popular as a tried and true favorite, so if you like PWD brands  this one is definitely well work trying.

For anyone whose never tried it, it gives you a really powerful hardcore rush. Definitely one of the best PWD products that many swear by. A heavy session with this one is well worth the try.

If you’re looking for a hardcore long session power aroma that you can get for super great value and price, this small bottle should be one for you to consider. We recommend you try PWD Quick Silver Poppers

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