Pig Sweat 15ml Poppers

Pig Sweat 15ml Poppers

Pig Sweat 15ml Poppers
Pig Sweat 15ml Poppers
Pig Sweat Poppers – REVIEW
Popularity 4.0 Rating
Potency 5.0 Rating
Duration 4.5 Rating
Review Rating 4.0 Rating

Pig Sweat Poppers has been around for a long, long time. As they say, not all poppers blends are made the same or for the masses, and this would be one of them. Pig Sweat doesn’t even sound that inviting to some people because of the nature of the name but to die hard fans, and hardcore men, it’s a super cool label.

Pig Sweat Poppers blend is popular with those guys who enjoy the “rough and ready” aroma that it emits as well as it’s strength. Not surprising this one continues to be a favorite amongst the Leather Men and the fetish community. Pig Sweat does put out a rather strong animal instinct kinda scent that is not for everyone, but those that do like it, it’s a guaranteed favorite. The effects are very powerful and enjoyable but not something that everyone might want as an everyday popper or for frequently use, it’s more of for that special piggy moment, if you get our drift, hence the name. This is one you would pull on the shelf for when the mood for something “wild” strikes you.

All we can tell you is, this is an acquired taste, so if you are from the Leather or Hardcore Fetish community, you are probably going to rate this even higher, as a tried and true special aroma, always to have on hand for that ultimate pig pleasure.

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