Aroma Guide

Aroma Guide – or better known as ‘Poppers Guide’ for any liquid that belongs to the nitrite family and is used recreation-ally to intensify sexual pleasure, or in club culture, to enhance the perception of sound and light.
Poppers / Aromas are generally used by inhaling the content from a small bottle (10, 15 or 30ml) that contains the liquid, which is typically has a distinctive, sweet kin-of aroma (although this varies depending on the particular nitrite used.)

Poppers / Aromas are legal and are generally safe to use (though you should always be sure to check the safety page of this guide if you are new to poppers), though there is; the possibility of developing a mental dependency and a craving for the pleasurable effects ;-)

Generally speaking, poppers are typically sold as aromas, liquid incense, room odorizer, leather cleaner, solvents, nail polish remover, or even professional cleaning solution. Yes, apart from their recreational use as inhalants, alkyl nitrites can reliably perform all of the listed functions :-)
Our Aroma Guides provide honest reviews of each of the different brands and products on the market and the very best place to buy them from.

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