Blue Magnum 30ml Poppers

Blue Magnum 30ml Poppers

Blue Magnum 30ml Poppers
Blue Magnum 30ml Poppers
Blue MAGNUM Poppers – REVIEW
Popularity 5.0 Rating
Potency 4.5 Rating
Duration 5.0 Rating
Review Rating 4.5 Rating

Blue MAGNUM Poppers is made of a special blend of Isobutyl Nitrite aromas made in the good ol’ USA to rival any American Poppers, and this one sure proves does!

These are quite simply the newest and most popular New Brand on the market, and they are popular for very good reason. This bright blue bottle, is similar too, if better than, any other “blue” poppers bottle on the market. The neared comparison to them would probably be “Super Rush” as they contain similar ingredients but this particular blue poppers bottle totally rocks in our opinion! Just as the name “Blue MAGNUM” invokes something POWERFUL, these actually do have a special potency to them but the duration factor, in great spades too.

Blue MAGNUM Poppers large bottle can go a VERY long way and, we’ve found, that it keeps fairly well over time if kept in the fridge. We would not recommend holding onto any poppers for greatly extended periods of time, but it will last and hold it’s potency for a good amount of time, if kept cold.  It is no wonder this one has rocketed to popularity with popper lovers.  It’s instantly become a market favorite. These move fast , so don’t wait around if you want to try them!

If you haven’t tried Blue MAGNUM Poppers before, do it NOW!!!

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