Amsterdam Platinum 10ml Poppers
Amsterdam Platinum 10ml Poppers
Amsterdam Platinum Poppers – REVIEW
Popularity 4.0 Rating
Potency 4.5 Rating
Duration 4.5 Rating
Review Rating 4.5 Rating

Amsterdam Platinum Poppers are relatively new on the market but just as reliable as the original Amsterdam poppers, but somewhat more pure and potent. Amsterdam Platinum Poppers have a reputation as being a more hardcore special edition formula from the world wide famous Amsterdam brand.

If you are a lover of European poppers like, English poppers or English Premium formula poppers, then you won’t be disappointed by Amsterdam Platinum 10ml Solvent Cleaner. This Platinum Formula is one of the better aromas available setting an intense mood and packing a punch unlike a lot of other liquid aromas available. Though relatively new on the market and not the most popular, it is still praised by the hardest of critics, as a great one to try for a more potent and pure aroma but not one that is easily come by. But it is one of those rarer blends that you want to pick up whenever you get the chance.

Thanks to there staying power and strength, you get more bang for your buck, more time to enjoy, you get the picture.

Well, we can tell you that they are great and have staying power as good as any other poppers on the market. There are just subtle differences from the original Amsterdam poppers. The new Amsterdam Platinum Poppers is a special blend and very concentrated and powerful. But regular Amsterdam Poppers is by far the most popular of the two. None-the-less we recommend you try Amsterdam Platinum Poppers

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