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Just who’s website/blog is this? Well His Poppers is a blog created to help the average consumer (and obvious new poppers lovers) who have become frustrated with a lot of the misinformation, or lack of information out there. and the online nitrites scams.  HisPoppers has been set up as a site with some good reviews to cut through the crap and give you not just good information but a chance to voice your comments on your favorite poppers on the market. We are confident that the information on this site will help you make better informed choices.

Poppers, Liquid Incense, Leather Cleaner, Aromas or amyl nitrate, whatever you prefer to call it, is nothing new.  These  wonderful little gems have been making the rounds since the 1970’s and 80’s.  Made from various ingredients such as nitrites, poppers are very well-known to enhance sexual pleasure, provide a kind of head rush and even euphoria effect.  While commonly known and referred to as a “homosexual” substance, which is where is most commonly started, they have since transcended boundaries and also infiltrated into the heterosexual realm and hence now they are common place anywhere amongst any crowd.  Poppers are a pleasurable experience for both men and women with little evidence of harm or hazard from their use.

We hope you enjoy our blog and participate in giving feed back to reviews! In fact we encourage it!



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