Poppers are still typically viewed by many as a kind of “gay high” or “gay drug”, but this is a very out fashioned and out of date view.

Yes, it can not be denied that it was a kind of embraced by the gay subculture through the late 1970s and 1980s disco era, as a popular thing to do. Back then the most popular passed around Poppers was the good ol’ “small brown bottle of amyl”. Also popular at the time was bright eye-catching bottles such as Rush, Locker Room, Ram or Hardware.

Yes, it is also very true that poppers manufacturers of the era heavily advertised in gay magazines and other popular gay publications. They were also more easily accessible, as sex stores as well as street vendors sold them in large quantity to business men, gays, straights, leather men, you name it they sold it to them.

Well why the fascination and popularity amongst the gay community? Well the simple fact is these inhalable nitrites may be the nearest thing to a true aphrodisiac or sexual stimulant, and the gay community thrives on copious amounts of amazing sex, so it’s no wonder the two things go hand in hand. In foreplay, the nitrites have a dis-inhibiting or euphoric effect, enabling the user to experience total skin-surface sensuality, as the senses become enhanced. When inhaled shortly before orgasm, the user can experience amongst other things a sense of exhilaration and acceleration, a freeing of ones inhibitions, giving the perception of an orgasm as being prolonged, and extremely intense.

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